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When you move, be sure to clear hidden in old furniture, clothes, books and boxes, cockroaches and their eggs in a wooden sheath, otherwise, the new House will soon have a cockroach. Cockroaches do not fly, they rely on transport and luggage, parcels, furniture and other goods spread, and the proliferation of regional or even international. Cockroach people harm and treatment methods as follows: 

1, the following are cockroaches carry diseases  

Cockroaches can carry  40  kinds of bacteria that sicken humans, poisoning, infectious leprosy, plague, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea and other parasitic diseases.  

2, clear the cockroach Habitat  

Regular hygienic cleaning, garbage and discarded debris, look for roaches and egg sheath, and burned it; the night of food should be placed in the refrigerator or sealed to protect; close the tap, indoor dry also apply Putty to put "three cracks" (doors, walls crack, Windows), through a variety of holes.  

3, dead cockroaches should be cockroaches and egg sheath set burned to the ground.